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6 thoughts on “Contact

    • Sorry for the delay in repsone.
      We’re in the middile of summer vacation season.
      If your Kia has HYUNDAI/KIA multimdeia inrerface, then you can use KivicONE in your KIA.
      But your stock unit’s video will be blocked while driving.
      To get over with this problem, you may need extra jobs.

  1. Hi Kivic team,

    I’ve sent 2 e-mails asking about the technical possibility to mirror my iPhone 6 plus on a system Columbus RNS 510.I have a Skoda Octavia 2/2007.
    Is it possible? If yes how can I have this installed in my car? If not- what other alternatives would you recommend.

    Thanks and waiting for your answer!

  2. Hi,

    I have a Mercedes Benz 2011 C350. Can I connect Kivic with it? Will it work and will I need any additional accessories to make it work?


    • Hi, thanks for your interests in our products.

      As for your Qs, you need the car interface which can connect Kivic ONE with Benz cause Benz use LVDS or RGB for its video connection, not HDMI.
      You can contact to car multimedia specific shop nearby you regarding this.

      FYI, we have not been able to get new orders from you as the current Kivic ONE has already entered the discontinue process.
      We’re sorry and we understand how disappointing this must be.

      Once we fix the new product schedule, we’ll notice it ASAP.

      Thank you.

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